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While we were on the hunt for an ideal solution to create fun customizable jewelry out of our designs, we stumbled across the Magnabilities interchangeable jewelry line. Jenny has become an independent consultant, and you may now purchase a number of our pink flamingo, Paris / Eiffel Tower, Ocean, Nautical and Beach themed art n fun interchangeable jewelry inserts by visiting the "Custom 1 Inch Inserts" and "Jewelry Sets" links of my Magnabilities Independent Consultant Page. I will be adding new designs (especially flamingos... :) continually so check back often! We so appreciate your support!

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Pink Flamingos, beaches, rainbows, surfing, and sunshine are just a few the things that makes us smile, and we're so excited to share them with you here.  Please like and share our Facebook page, and take some time to check out all of the fun products we have to offer.


Each section is a little different, and while all are very much under construction at the moment, they are all a labor of love.


We offer our printable home decor, wall art, and themed party supplies through Etsy at this time, as well as a limited selection of shipped prints. We also offer a number of fun home decor, clothing, jewelry, and gift items through our Cafepress and Redbubble shops.



Party Supplies (cupcake toppers, banners, photo props, table centerpieces and more)


Home Decor (Wall Art, Nursery Art)


Educational Art

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